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Essential Oil Blend – Pregnancy 1st Trimester Support


In the early months of pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to feel morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and changes in appetite, all due to rapid internal changes.

This clear refreshing essential oil blend is ideal for early stage of pregnancy, when physical condition and moods are so changeable.

Blend can be used in massage base oil, diffuser, bath and unscented moisturiser.


Application Technique:

-Vaporization:  Place 1-3 drops of essential oil on a tissue, aroma pot or diffuser and enjoy the aroma.

-Massage Oil:  Use essential oil with carrier oil –Koala Baby Base Massage Oil. Blend well 30 ml of oil and 1-5 drop of essential oil, than apply gently to the skin.

-Bath:  Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to bath water and mix well.

-Shower:  Place 1-3 drops of essential oil on to the floor of shower room and put hot water. The fresh aroma will rise and fill up the room.


Lemon Peel Oil*, Grapefruit Peel Oil*, Frankincense Gum Oil*, Peppermint Flower Oil*, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil*.

* = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Skin Advisory: Sensitive

Size: 5 ml

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